Historic Photos

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First hole in 1936, note toboggan chute on right




                                                                                                                                                       Snack Bar being built in 1936



Clubhouse under construction.      

Pictured is Rollie Hancock with his
mother and his son Tom   







Rollie's son Tom clearing snow from                                                   Joe Kirland (left) and Roland H
cottage roof. Cottage was located                                                       trick shots on Opening Day at 

to the right of the eighth hole                                                               first hole                              




Rollie Hancock putting for a playoff spot on the final hole of 1928 U.S. Open
Johnny Farrell went on to win the Open in a playoff with Bobby Jones
Rollie was the Golf Professional at Mount Hood from 1936 - 1973









Tom Hancock 1936 at Mount Hood
Mount Hoods first junior golfer!!!

The crash was in 1945
A B-25 Bomber 
Everyone but the pilot jumped out of the plane
The pilot stayed with the plane and crash landed on the golf course.
He sacrificed his life so that the plane wouldn't hit any nearby homes.
Doak Weston will be honored his coming September 24 at Mount Hood



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